"It was a rough point in my life, and I was struggling to decide what sort of focus I was going to have in my career and in my life in general. I was in class, studying Renaissance music, and as I heard the music of Guillaume Du Fay, I had an almost out of body experience. 'Why does no one perform early music more regularly? This could change the game.' Early music literally changed my life. Once I understood Early Music, the entire world of choral literature made sense. That's the moment Sound of Ages was born."

-Kameron Kavanaugh


Attending a choral concert should be a complete experience. We believe in changing the paradigm of what it means to listen to historical choral music. The power and influence of historical music can influence the way one listens to contemporary music, creates a deeper understanding of the music of today, and fosters a deeper love for music. That's what it does for us and we want to share that experience with you. 



Sound of Ages is a professional chamber choir based in Salt Lake City, Utah, known for their tasteful interpretation of early music. Founded in the summer of 2017 by Kameron Kavanaugh, the group is composed of professional and amateur singers residing primarily in Utah. Members of the choir also perform with Santa Fe Desert Chorale, Seraphic Fire, Kinarra, Brevitas, and Salt Lake Chamber Artists.


We rehearse and perform at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Salt Lake City and currently sit as the choir in residence. We were selected to perform at the Utah Chapter ACDA conference in October 2018 and at the Western Division ACDA conference in March 2020. We have most recently been selected to perform at the 2021 National ACDA conference in Dallas, TX in March of 2021.

The group meets roughly once a month to perform Evensong services at St. Mark's Cathedral. Each project consists between 11 and 16 singers. Auditions are accepted year round.


For audition information, please email us using the information found on the contact page. 




Sound of Ages seeks to transform the choral concert experience. Professional musicians, choral scholars, casual listeners, and choral novices alike can have an engaging and emotionally moving concert experience. It is not a hyperbole to say that you can be a different person after leaving a choral concert than you were when you arrived.

We aim to use all available means to make the live music performance an unforgettable experience: video projections, super-titles, phone apps, pre-concert lectures, and audience participation. 

We firmly believe that each performance should be more than just another concert. We commit to providing all audience members a full concert experience where you understand the music you are hearing and emotionally connect to the program, regardless of your music background.




Early music is the foundation of Western music. The musical and non-musical connections are vast. Our aim is to illustrate those similarities with every performance, CD, and video. 

Many of the musical textures of the Renaissance can be found in all subsequent periods of classical music. There is a particularly strong link between the music of the Renaissance and compositions from 20th Century and contemporary composers. Stylistic similarities can be found between composers like Arvo Pärt and Palestrina, John Taverner and John Tavener, Herbert Howells and Tudor era English composers, Poulenc and Gesualdo, Monteverdi and Eric Whitacre, John Sheppard and Gabriel Jackson, and the list goes on and on.

Popular music also has roots in the Renaissance. Early music composers often used folk tunes, popular songs, and other secular music in their works. It also frequently found its way into "classical" secular pieces and sacred music for the church as well, especially between the 15th and 16th century. One example is The L'homme arme melody, a traditional song of the people, which found its way into music of the church by Josquin de Prez. Imagine hearing a Beatles melody in church hymn form. 

Sound of Ages performs these genres of music and more with the sole purpose of showing the connection those genres have with music from the Renaissance and Medieval eras.


The Conductor

Kameron Kavanaugh is the artistic director and founder of Sound of Ages. He founded the group in the summer of 2016 with 14 singers. He also currently serves as the Director of Choirs at Spanish Fork High School in Utah County and as the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of the Nebo Holiday Chorus and Orchestra.


Under his direction, Sound of Ages has risen to be one of the most prestigious choirs in Utah. With the success from their 2 ACDA performances within their first four years of operation, he has gained a reputation of being an "Old Music" expert. He also lead the Nebo Holiday Chorus and Orchestra to be selected in their inaugural year to participate in the Distinguished Concerts International New York's annual performance of Handel's Messiah at Carnegie Hall in December of 2019.

As a composer, he was awarded first place at the Utah ACDA Conference Composers Competition in October of 2018. He received runner up in the national ACDA Brock Student Composers Competition March of 2015. His piece An Ode From a King was premiered by BYU Singers on their tour to Vietnam in 2018. He continues to receive commissions from many local conductors. 

Kameron received his Bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho in Music Education and his Masters of Music in Choral Conducting from Brigham Young University in Provo. He lives in Provo with his wife, Liz. 

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