The Sound of Ages Approach is an educational outreach program designed to help choirs take their singing to the next level by using early music to teach key principles. 


While the historical piece is most often our favorite piece on a given program, that sentiment is not always shared by all choirs. Those works by dead composers are most often seen as the obligatory historical piece, then it's right back to the contemporary music. The Sound of Ages Approach is specifically designed to help singers and conductors rethink how to approach historical music in an engaging, interactive, and relevant way. This music does not have to be the stodgy, obligatory piece of the rehearsal of performance. 

By focusing on the three areas of Historical Context, a full-bodied yet clean tone, and putting responsibility for success on the singer as opposed to the conductor, all of the sudden, the dynamic of choral singing changes and that old stodgy, dead composer gets taken out of the museum and onto the stage. 

The three foundational bricks of the Sound of Ages Approach are:

Full, Clean Tone

Historical Context

Ensemble Singing

  • inspiring sectional vocal technique instruction from the professional singers in Sound of Ages​

  • Engaging activities and rehearsal designed to promote team reliance and responsibility simultaneously​

  • interactive historical discussions illustrating relevance of old music to today's society

  • Joint performance​ opportunity ​

Watch our conductor's interest session from the 2020 ACDA Utah conference entitled: "Making Early Music 'Lit': A New Approach to Old Music." In this virtual interest session, Kameron discusses some specific applications of the principles laid out in The Sound of Ages Approach. 

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